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It's time to protect your business from the ever-changing threats to your digital world. With our extensive list of cybersecurity solutions and expertise, Synergetics can tailor a strong cybersecurity defense for your needs.

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Network Security
As businesses and schools continue to transition into an online format it has become more important than ever for you to ensure that your network security is robust, agile, and effective. Ensuring that your data and private information is crucial. Cybercrime is rising at an alarming rate and can cause irreversible damage. You can work with us to ensure you get the best network security for your unique business to protect you and your data for years to come.
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With more devices being used in business and education, ensuring they are all protected with a robust antivirus software is important to prevent hackers and viruses rendering these devices unusable. Devices, just like your network, can be a gateway for cyberthreats to reach your business and personal information. Enabling sufficient antivirus software applied to each device is the best way to minimize the possible threats to your data.
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Email Protection
The most targeted area of your business's digital footprint is by email. Over 90% of all malware is delivered via email through links and files in attacks such as Phishing attempts. You need to have a robust and active solution in place specifically for emails. Staff training and protection against these threats is increasingly necessary in order to have all encompassing security against cybercrime.
Award-winning Cybersecurity Technology
We have strong partnership with award-winning cybersecurity solution providers, and have the knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process of choosing the right cybersecurity options to guard against digital threats. Whether that is a cybersecurity awareness training for your staff, a network firewall, or an antivirus solution for all of your devices, Synergetics is here to help.
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K12 Benefit
In the past year K12 education has become the most targeted sector by cybercriminals. With this in mind it is more important than ever to ensure schools are protected. We have a wealth of experience in the K12 area. With this we can assist in ensuring you are protected from the core threats.
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Higher Ed Benefit
With the wide array of research being done by both students and professors and staff, college campuses need robust cybersecurity solutions to ensure all users are kept safe. We can ensure no matter how large or how many users you might have on a campus, that they all have the necessary cybersecurity protections.
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Business Benefit
Ransomware attacks can cost your company millions. We are here to help ensure your business is properly set up to ensure you do not succumb to these kinds of attacks.
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Government Benefit
We have worked with state and local entities and guarantee we will be able to find an approved cybersecurity solution to ensure the best defense and protection for government employees and information.