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Your network is critical to your organization. Ensuring it can handle the ever-increasing demands for secure and efficient connection of next-generation devices and applications is a key imperative. Whether it is a project, installation, repair service, or on-going network support you need, Synergetics is here to help.

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Structured Cabling
Integrated data and communications systems are critical infrastructure assets in today’s business and education organizations. The cabling that supports them is the backbone upon which they are built. Its installation is essential to efficiently carrying information to stakeholders.
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Network Infrastructure
With technology and the importance of using the internet in the workplace it is now more important than ever for you to have the best network infrastructure possible. From routers, switches, access points, and beyond ensuring you are set up with the most reputable brands and an infrastructure that is tailored to you is what we are here to help provide.
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Network Management
Limited IT staff and supportive resources? Outsource your support and other network demands to our team of experts. We customize our services to fit what you need. You can have peace of mind knowing you are working with a leading expert to ensure your network is future-proofed and secure.
How We Make a Difference in Education
With limited staff and over 8000 end users, an IT solution was needed to foster a new learning structure for a large school system.

 “The biggest challenge was being able to view everything on the network and making sure it all worked properly. We were limited in bandwidth using old technology. In addition to the implementation itself, Synergetics was helpful in offering services that would be eligible for E-rate programs." 

"Synergetics has been a valuable partner and I can’t say enough about them. I could not imagine having another partner for this. I would give them a 10 out of 10 perfect score.”

Patrick Gann, Walker County Schools Technology Director
Preferred Partners
How We Can Help You
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K12 Benefit
We can assist with providing a robust and detailed network across your all of the campuses in your district. With our experience in installation and management of network technologies paired with our two decades of experience working with K12 education we can set your district and schools up with the exact network solution you need.
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Higher Ed Benefit
Providing a high-quality campus network that is reliable, secure, adaptable, scalable, and fault-tolerant has become a fundamental requirement in higher education networks. We understand the campus environment and have over two decades of experience in assisting colleges and universities achieve their networking goals.
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Business Benefit
Our in-depth knowledge of network infrastructure and cabling we can provide your business with the best available internet speeds. We can also help maintain it with our managed services if you do not have your own IT department.
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Government Benefit
We have a wealth of experience in working with state and local entities. We are able to install and provide a reliable, secure network that is up to the expectation and qualifications of government facilities.