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Physical Security
A secure workplace starts with an in-depth evaluation of your organization to understand your technology requirements, budget, and timeline. A comprehensive security solution should include a layered approach of prevention, detection, and response. Synergetics can help you create a secure environment at the right price point.

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Access Control
Ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed in certain areas is crucial for your business’s privacy and asset security, but it can also be important to ensure the safety of staff and patrons. Access Control helps control traffic through different areas and allows you to know who is going in and out of your business and areas within it.
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The safety of your staff, patrons, and students of utmost importance to ensure this. Just as with Network Security, ensuring you have proper onsite physical security can protect your business, assets, staff and patrons. While discouraging things like vandalism and trespassing. Whether you have a single unit office or a school covering multiple floors and acres ensuring you have visual security across your premises is key and we can help tailor a system based on your needs and your budget.
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Emergency Notification Response
In a crisis, every second matters - from on-site injuries to possible dangerous persons on a school’s campus having a fast and efficient option to contact and request emergencies services can be the difference in lives being saved. With Emergency Notification & Response solutions you can notify the authorities with the push of a button allowing you and your staff to focus on the situation at hand in the safest manner possible.
Future-Proof Your Facilities with Prevention, Detection, and Response
We work closely with a wide variety of partners to ensure our staff is trained and certified to assist with all aspects of our on-site security solutions, whether that is installing and maintaining your access control points, CCTV cameras, or emergency response systems. We have the knowledge, training, and experience to provide and assist in maintaining your onsite security solutions. Synergetics wants to work with you to customize the optimal security solution to ensure you are set up for success and safety for years to come.
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How We Can Help You
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K12 Benefit
We can help build a robust on-site security network that will ensure your students and staff are safe at school, as well as the building and items inside. With our offerings of emergency response and notification solutions we can help you rest assured that if an emergency were to happen you will be fully prepared to provide the safest situation for your staff and students.
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Higher Ed Benefit
We can work with your needs to ensure the physical security protects all of the assets across your campus only allowing authorized staff and personnel in the areas designed for them.
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Business Benefit
Ensuring your business has proper security in case of break in or other on-site issues is crucial in order to protect it. We will help provide an all-encompassing security system ensuring you and your business is sufficiently protected and prepared if something were to happen.
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Government Benefit
We have an extensive background in working with government facilities and offices. With this knowledge and experience we can ensure you get a government approved security system set up. We can also assist in maintaining it via our managed services so that you do not need to worry about lapses in the system.