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Workplace Solutions
Create a modern workplace based on collaboration and first-class user experience. The right tools empower employees to support productivity and engagement wherever they are. Synergetics can help you fill out your workplace with top tier technology at your price point.

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Desktops, Laptops, & Tablets
As technology continues to evolve and change at a rapid pace it, keeping your business’s devices updated and able to maximize the results for. Whether you are looking for tablets, laptops, desktops, or other internet we can find what solution fits your needs.
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Round out your business with devices such as webcams, keyboards, mouses, USB drives, and many more to maximize your businesses use of your existing technologies. Whether you are looking to upgrade from some older items due to wear and tear from years of us. Or if you are looking to find some accessories to help elevate your business, we can find what you need to take the next step with your technologies.
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Workplace Enhancements
Maximize your offices spaces whether they are cubicles, training rooms, conference rooms, or personal offices for your staff you will need office chairs and desks. Ensuring you're comfortable at work and sitting ergonomically is one of the most important aspects of a happy work day. You can also enhance your training and conference rooms with unique additions such as interactive panels for presentations or large flat screen TVs for meetings, training, and marketing within your business.
End-to-end Solutions, Endless Possibilities
With our diverse array of devices, accessories, and other workspace items, we can help fill out your new office or business with all of the technology needs it might require. We can help elevate your business to being fully up to date with the newest and best technologies. Impress your clients, staff and business partners and replace and refresh outdated products you currently have.
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How We Can Help You
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K12 Benefit
We can assist with ensuring all of your teachers have the devices they need in order to provide the best education to your students possible. We can also assist in getting your administrative offices set up with all their needs whether that be desks or technology.
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Higher Ed Benefit
College campuses are full of technology, whether that be in labs, administrative offices, or computer labs. We can assist with filling these out with all the needs and providing spare accessories for you to have on site.
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Commercial Benefit
We can assist in providing everything your office or business needs to open new or if you are looking to incorporate new technologies, we can assist with that. We are able to provide and assist with all the technology needs and items that come with it.
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Government Benefit
We can fulfill all the needs and wants of government offices. From the monitors, mouses, and keyboards to desks, chairs, and USB drives. Being able to provide all in bulk so you have enough for any new employees or are prepared for any kind of sudden needs that might arise.